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Epigraphic Bulletin for Greek Religion 2010 (EBGR 2010)

Angelos Chaniotis
p. 241-302

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Ce document sera publié en ligne en texte intégral en octobre 2015.


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The 23rd issue of the Epigraphic Bulletin for Greek Religion presents a selection of the epigraphic publications of 2010 and additions to earlier issues (especially publications of 2008 and 2009). As usual, emphasis was placed on the presentation of editions of new texts. This issue contains several interesting new epigraphic finds, mostly from Asia Minor. I would like to highlight a long Hellenistic inscription from Lykia (Tlos or Xanthos) that concerns a funerary foundation (143); besides providing interesting details regarding the sacrifice and the banquet, this text is an important piece of evidence for the devotion of an individual to a personal patron god (Helios, in this case), for belief in a personal ‘hero’ (or daimon), and the heroization through private initiative. A decree from Nysa provides valuable information about the exploitation of offering tables by trapezonai in a sanctuary of Plouton and Kore (54, 1st cent. CE). Two Hellenistic inscriptions from the area of Perg...

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Angelos Chaniotis, « Epigraphic Bulletin for Greek Religion 2010 (EBGR 2010) », Kernos [En ligne], 26 | 2013, mis en ligne le 01 octobre 2015, consulté le 29 août 2015. URL :

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Angelos Chaniotis

School of Historical Studies
Institute for Advanced Study
Einstein Drive
Princeton, NJ 08540

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